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Anthony cecil


Can a tooth infection cause blurry vision?

Is it possible to get blurry vision because of tooth infection? How can tooth infection affect on our eyes? Any idea?
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  • Andrew bell


    It is possible that your tooth infection infect your eyes. Actually, tooth infection can lead to many complications. Your eyes are very near to your teeth, your eyes may feel pain, and this is a known complication of an infected tooth. It's very possible you eyes get swelling and eye pain. It can be dangerous so I highly advise you to see the doctor. Fortunately you can just take some pills to take care of the infection. It's lucky for you to not have any other infections. I think you should first take care of you tooth infection. You can take some home remedies. For example, garlic and salt water. The best way to use garlic is to chew a whole garlic clove until it has been thoroughly crushed and then swallow it. As for the using of salt water, you can rinse with salt water several times a day to help draw out the infection. Hope you be well soon!
  • emiliaenespanol


    It certainly can, the blurred vision can be caused by infections near the vestibular section of the vestibulococlear nerve that passes through the internal acoustic meatus, which is connected to the teeth because the teeth get sensory innervation from branches of the facial nerve, which also passes through the internal acoustic meatus, blurred vision would be a little harder to explain, I'd bet the optic nerve is not being impinged upon, but perhaps the infection is causing pressure inside the orbit and blurring the vision. I hope you are at the very least on an antibiotic. This isn't really all that likely to have happened, and it would be a little easier to believe if you also had ringing ears and painful, puffy eyes. Perhaps the dental infection and the other symptoms are unrelated, but either way they need to be treated.
  • Isabel fergus


    Yes, it is possible for you to get blurry vision because of tooth infection because of the interlinked nerves in the whole body. Once you get the tooth infection, your teeth nerves will indirectly affect the eyes nerves which will cause your blurry vision. You could use the eyes drops to release your eyes. In addition, you could use the warm compress to release the blurry vision.
  • Andrew hill


    Because the tooth problems, as you said,the tooth infection, for example the periodontitis can cause optic neuritis. Which is the inflammation of the optic nerve, to a large degree,will decreased vision. Optic neuritis is the structure that connects the eye to the brain. The optic nerve consists of nerve tracts that originate in the retina of each eye. Thus if you have the tooth problems, sometimes the blurry vision occurs as well.