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Are crt monitors bad for your eyes?

Can crt monitors damage my eyes? Any suggestion?
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  • Jacqueline warren


    OK, I know that you are willing to protect your eyes, and it is true that those CRT monitors generate much more damage to your eye health than LCD monitors because of technical reasons, which is widely known. Anyway, a set of LCD monitor is not very expensive nowadays, which is quite affordable to most of us. So why not invest some of your money in your eye health.Also, you could get some special protecting glasses from Amazon or Walmart. Hope you find this useful.
  • Sue


    Yes, crt monitors will damage your eyes because of the radiation. You should not stare at it for a long time. In order to protect your eyes, you should eat more food with vitamin C during your daily diet. You could also use the eye drops when you find that your eyes are tired after a long time use of computers or tvs. You could also use the warm compress to make your eyes feel comfortable.

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