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Nathan harris


Can corneal abrasion cause astigmatism?

Is it possible to get corneal abrasion because of astigmatism? If so, how can i prevent it?
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  • ebarnes1621


    Actually it is not possible for you to get corneal abrasion because of astigmatism. The corneal abrasion is some external objects' scratch especially when surface is rough and solid. The contact or grazed corneal surface will be hurt. It all can cause corneal different degree of scratch as corneal epithelial defect or stripping. However the astigmatism is the phenomenon for the eye sight. If the eye in different warp of refractive status or diopter is not consistent, especially corneal surface curvature radius is not a spherical, the eye in the absence of control mode will have less than 5 meters equal light. The eye of different warp inflectional after in the retina can't form a focus and the formation of focal line is not straight. Thus the retina of the objective image blurs the refractive error state. It may cause your eyes get dry easily which will indirectly cause the corneal abrasion under your unconscious state. You should do things carefully, avoiding the sharp things to be near your eyes.
  • Luke shelley


    Well, yes, you may get corneal abrasion because of astigmatism. And for many people, when he gets eye abrasion, eyes become red and itchy. And then in some cases, it can also lead to some serious eye diseases, such as the pink eyes, even dry eyes. On the other hand, astigmatism can result in an eye that has two different powers, and also it splits the focus point into two different partial focus points. And because of the different powers in the eye, shadow images, eye muscle spasms, eyestrain, and headaches can occur too. So at this moment, corneal abrasion can be possible. To prevent it, you can use some cool tea bags under your eyes.

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