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Does vitamin c make your eyes brighter?

Can vitamin c really make your eyes brighter? If so, will my eyes become brighter if i take more food with vitamin C ?
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  • Jason lester


    Yes, vitamin c makes eyes brighter. Vitamin c is so important for our eye health and keeps our eyes running energetically, which makes our eyes look more attractive and shining. As we know, vitamin C is found in high concentrations in the tissues of the eye. Deficiencies can result in numerous eye problems, including bleeding in the lids and conjunctiva. Increasing vitamin C intake also reduces cataract. There's also research indicates that Vitamin C may be critical to maintaining good eye health and could be protective for those at risk of glaucoma. People should eat vitamin c everyday, espeacially fresh fruit and vegetables. But remember, don't take too much!
  • Logan


    Yes, eating more food contain vitamin C can help people achieve brighter eyes. In fact vitamin C is one of the ingredients off crystalline lens in the eyes. If people lack of it, it will cause Crystalline turbidity. SO, Taking more vitamine C can make eyes look brighter. Some fresh vegetables and fruits are necssnary for keep bright eyes such as green pepper, cucumber, cauliflower, Chinese cabbage, fresh jujube, pear, orange, etc.
  • Alissa


    All right, it is true vitamin C would do a great deal of good to your eye health, since that is necessary for our eye health. But actually, that would not make your eyes brighter, and clear eyes are based on a lot of factors such as good rest, proper use of your eyes, exercise, happy mood, etc, and etc. So you'd better follow my instructions and take it easy.