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Alexa joyce


Can astigmatism cause red eye?

What's the side effects on eyes from astigmatism? Will it cause red eyes?
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  • Mort


    Usually, the astigmatism means an irregular shape of cornea, accompanying a diagnosis of farsightedness or nearsightedness. Astigmatism may lead to many vision problems, and it usually results from the cornea shaped abnormally. Vision symptoms are usually unnoticeable in mild cases of astigmatism. However, in more severe cases, astigmatism not only causes difficulties to see clearly, but also causes symptoms such as red eyes, eye fatigue, fluctuating vision, and many other side effects such as eyes swollen, eye pain, watery eyes, headaches,sore eyes after squinting, etc. These side effects will appear especially after long time of reading a book, staring at a computer screen, or looking off into the distance. Therefore, to correct and relive the symptoms of astigmatism, you can simply by wearing prescribed glasses or corrective contact lenses, or you can receive refractive surgery if necessary.
  • Gabriella


    Yes, it can cause red eyes. First astigmatism is caused by an eye that is not completely round, when you get astigmatism, the most common symptoms will be red eyes, as well as watery eyes, and some discomfort in your eyes. It can even lead to your blurry vision, so you need to consult your doctor and have the treatment as soon as possible.
  • Christian scott


    There are many side effects on eyes from astigmatism. You will get the redness of the eyes. The eye of different warp after inflectional cannot form a focus on the retina and form focal line. Thus the retina image blurred this refractive error state which is called astigmatism. If you use the eyes too much time in front of the computers which causes the damage on the eyes, you who are with astigmatism may have high possibility to get blindness. The astigmatism will cause you to have the blurred vision. Your far near vision is poor, seem to have double vision. You may have the easy eye fatigue, eye pain, headache, nausea and vomiting. You may have low astigmatism, with your far near vision generally normal. But when fine visual work gets easily in eye fatigue, your high astigmatism often appear blurred vision or the vision lost. You'd better have the good rest or good diet to improve people with astigmatism. In addition, the eyeglasses are the necessary ones for you to see things clearly.