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How to tell if your eyes are tired?

What does tired eyes mean? How can i tell if your eyes are tired?
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  • walkingalone121


    Wen your eyes feel tired, you eyes will have an uncomfortable sensation, such as burning, and you will fell heaviness in the eyes or watery eyes or dry eyes and some people even have blurred vision. Sometimes, some people even have headaches or dizziness when they get eye fatigue. Have a break when you get tired eyes, then you will feel much better.
  • Isabelle duncan


    As for the tiered eyes, it means the eyes which suffered from much more labor and get fatigue. As we use computer everyday in our work, it's inevitable. You know long time eye use will cause vision problems such as myopia, glaucoma, cataract etc. Some eyes diseases are caused by the tired eyes. If you feel sore, photophoby, dry and blur with the eyes after long time hard working, it must be the symptom of tired eyes. Please relax your eyes at regular time. Make sure relax 10-15min after every 2 hours computer work or book reading. Alternate work with rest, this is the best way to enjoy your work and life while keep balance of them.
  • lampo


    Tired eyes are the condition that your eyes get strained and fatigued after longtime or high-intensive visual activities. You can tell that your eyes are tired from some typical symptoms of tired eyes. The most typical symptoms of tired eyes are tiredness, itching and burning eyes. And sometimes tired eyes can be accompanied by other related eye problems. Sore eyes, difficulty in focusing, dry or watery eyes, double vision and eyes' sensitiveness to the light, all these are possibly caused by tired eyes. Good news is that tired eyes are not very serious and can disappear quickly once being treated. Get enough sleep and use some eye medicine can help relieve the symptoms of tired eyes.