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What can i do about dry eyes?

In recent days, My eyes often feel dry. I guess that i got dry eyes. What should i do now? Any idea?
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  • Christopher


    Firstly you should know why you got dry eyes. As far as I am concerned dry eyes are the consequences of quite a few reasons: the aging process, side effects if some medicines and environmental allergens, systemic disease, contact lens wearing, etc.. Dry eyes are not that serious but also not easy to treat. But still you can do something to relieve the symptom and cure it as time goes on. In the first place, you are suggested to buy some artificial tears or Lacrisert which can help lubricate your dry eyes. Secondly, if you wear contact lenses, you'd better stop wearing contact lenses temporarily till your dry eyes heal. Thirdly, for environmental causes, you can take some measures to keep away from the allergens that may cause dry eyes. For instance, wearing sunglasses in the open place will prevent dust and dirt from absorbing in the eye.
  • walkingnreverse


    When you get dry eyes, you will feel uncomfortable. Your eyes will feel pain, itching, redness, or a feeling of sand in the eye. Some people would rub eyes when they feel uncomfortable, but, that could make your eyes become worse. Use artificial tear drops can help a lot. And some medications, such as topical steroids also can help.
  • Ryan


    Once you get the dry eyes, you could use some ways to moisture them. You could use the eyes drops to make the eyes feel moisture. In addition, you could also use the warm compress to make the eyes feel moisture. You should keep on doing this. You should eat more food with vitamin C which could keep your eyes in the moisture state.

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