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Bob Witek


What can i do about wrinkles around my eyes?

I got eye wrinkles around my eyes. It is really looks ugly. How can i reduce it? Any suggestion?
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  • Christian scott


    I do feel very sorry that you have gotten eye wrinkles around your eyes which is so annoying and disgusting. But luckily there are several good ways of reducin the least eagerly eye wrinkles. Sun exposure is certified as the Number 1 cause of eye wrinkles and wearing sunglasses and any way of avoiding the sun are not bad ways to deal with it. Moisturizer unique to eyes can directly help alleviate and reverse eye wrinkles. More fruits and vegetables can stop the rapid growing of eye wrinkles due to the great function of their rich vitamins and nutritions. Moreover, some medical treatments such as alpha-hydroxy acids and idebenone are the most effective in the treatment of eye wrinkles. Last but not the least, enough sleep can ensure attracting eyes with less wrinkles.
  • eddy


    The wrinkles around people's eyes, it is rather tiresome, especially the crow's feet. Get rid of the wrinkle will make people seem younger and energetic. But how to deal with it? First, let us find the reason which caused the wrinkles. Some is originated from the aging, and the other is originated from expression in daily life. The wrinkle cure products will be help with the aging skin, e.g. eyes scream. For the expression caused one, please change your movement habits of the face when you laugh and crying. No matter what caused the wrinkle, the rest and food supply are important to you. Improve the endocrine dyscrasia and less spicy food will keep the stimulation away from your skin. Sports and massage will also help with the problem in certain extents.
  • Justin fergus


    The wrinkles around the eyes are usually caused by the age problems. Sometimes they may be caused by the lots of use of eyes in the great strain tension. You could use the oil essentials to release the wrinkles. In addition, you need do the massage with the oil essentials to make them look smooth. You should not stay up late at night which will intensify the wrinkles around the eyes.

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