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Decrypt the cosmetic basic elements of the AHA

The measure of acid: in role of acid, Respectively, From the perspective of both the skin and dermis. Acid acting on the skin, The skin cells by reducing the cohesion between the accelerated aging of skin cells fall off, enhance the rate of epithelial cell metabolism, Promote skin renewal but also helps make the epithelial cells arranged in a more orderly, Smooth cuticle then becomes and shown. endure, The acid can make the pores inside of keratosis embolism easy to fall off, And smooth hair follicles tube, with success prevent pore blockage. The role of acid of the dermis layer, Can stimulate acid hyaluronic, Glycosaminoglycans, Collagen and elastic fibers hyperplasia and re arranged to get considerably more water content of the skin, your dogs skin becomes firm and elastic, Astaxanthin fine lines and wrinkles will follow reduced. In beauty products, Only 3% used a low power of acid; Moderate concentrations of mit of acid used to freckle; More than 20% of high concentrations of acid can be used in the skin under the guidance of professionals. to find out the classification of these acid components:

The first demographic of acid: Glycolic acid, Citric acid solution, Mandelic chemical p. Citric p, With moisturising, anti oxidation, activity, skincare, improving, ageing and other functions, Biotin the clinically proven to promote skin metabolism of citric acid in the same time, Can significantly increase the dermal layer of the polysaccharide hyaluronic acid and DTPA content, So our skin becomes too thick, For photoaging skin has markedly improved efficiency. Mandelic urate crystals, a common lipophilic acid, A high affinity through the skin, The stratum corneum and penetrate deeply into the skin easily play a role in some of melanin when confronted with problems, Including uneven skin tone, dull, brown spots, Freckles, Inflammation After skin color, and many others, Have a important effect, Which is of other acid can not be exercised.

The second development of acid: Gluconic acid. And the real difference is that traditional acid, Gluconic acid is a quantity of water based acid (PHA), In mit structure has four hydroxyl groups, The water with good ability to play excellent hydrating effect. however,alternately, Gluconic acid also combines the anti-oxidant, Preventing damage to aging. aside from that, In clinical trials also found that gluconic acid can also improve the stratum corneum barrier function, Glutathione which raise the cuticle of the external chemical excitement of the defense capability, safer skin. And compared to the traditional acid, Gluconic acid does not work very mild, Very beneficial to dry or sensitive skin, along with atopic dermatitis, Lees dermatitis, Adult acne big.

The third epoch of acid: Lactobionic uric acid. wide variety repair, growing old, moisturizing, de-oxidizing, Skin update for excellent efficacy in various the most advanced acid.

On acid the contents, it's easy to ask: Will stimulate the inclusion of acid, peeling, An hypersensitive reaction it? vintage AHA glycolic acid, 80% of shoppers will have a slight tingling, irritation feeling, About a a short time, these feelings will disappear, truth glycolic acid's molecular weight, the grounds for the low pH value, If determined irritation, Reddish really should be disabled, So that the skin is back to normal, Cosmetics material reduce wearing and frequency, something like 2 3 days, clearing off once, Until the institution of tolerance of skin recovery after daily use, If slimmers use the AHA _a href= to tell if a chinese woman likes you_/a_ glycolic acid, Or should not meet, you can utilize a new generation of multi water based fruit PHA acid, Both light, treatment, Anti aging websites, The effect of long term use and the effect of not only the common AHA glycolic acid the same and more benefits. Acid function is to remove keratinocytes cohesion, So the existing cells fall off, So you will encounter a slight scaling of feeling, And atmosphere very fine, If irritating phenomenon, You may go skin for proper diagnosis.
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