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In the Flesh A Poem and commentary about Finding Love Online

Love in the Virtual WorldSince the roll-out of the Internet the world has seen a major shift in the way people communicate, perhaps even find love. More and more friendships and business relationships are developing online rather than "inside of the flesh,

a lot of these people eventually meet and transfer their cyber relationship into real life romances, But most never meet and are destined to only find and share love in the "multimedia world,

Instant messaging and Chat RoomsInstant texting (im) And Chat Rooms operate via the online marketplace. This allows for instant communication between two computers wherever and because of this IM and Chat Rooms have flourished.

Instant Messaging is a service which allows users to send typed messages, movies, archives, And live video with sound to a recipient utilizing their screen name. It provides a personal way of communicating with friends and other known acquaintances and is very used by teenagers and adults alike.

In order to use these types of services users must download a free program and install it on their computer. several available with two of the more popular ones being Yahoo Messenger and AIM (the actual Online IM). The program handles all the telecommunications and provides a window for the user to type and receive messages.

A chat room is comparable to Instant Messaging but instead of one to one communication, Users log on to a themed based virtual room and speak to several people only known by their screen names. By sending typed messages to the room all connected _a href= of fish.com_/a_ users can read and respond like a big network. The range of topics to choose from is endless: friendships, hobbies, athletics activities, national politics, medical issues, And faith etc. Basically if anticipated to interest, There is more than likely a chat room available. It is often of an area for users to post their name, concerned with some chit chat, And then wait for someone to request an Instant Message which known as "Going individual,

if you find yourself becoming attracted to or involved with someone through instant messenger or a chat room and the relationship appears to be getting serious, It is probably a good idea to request to connect with them through Skype, FaceTime or different type of video chat.

This way you will are able to actually see the other (more than likely faceless) Person you have been communicating with. often people are not exactly honest when chatting online. They may lie about their age, Show you a photo of their loved ones that is ten years old, Or of someone they need to look like but isn't in fact them. They could even be a man or woman of what they pretend to be.

You still won't be able to confirm details such as if they are literally married or single etc. If you met on a dating site they will try and move you away from the site and communicate via chat or email.

Their profile on the search engines dating website or their Facebook page is not consistent with what they tell you. for example, Their profile picture looks dissimilar to their description of themselves, Or they state they are university educated but their English is poor.

After gaining your trust often wishing weeks, Months or even years they tell you a more sophisticated story and ask for money, Gifts or your bank account/credit card truth.

Their messages are regularly poorly written, Vague and might address you by the wrong name.

If you don't send money immediately, Their messages and calls be a little more desperate, continual or direct. should you send money, They continue to ask you to send more.

They don't keep their promises and will have an excuse for why they can't travel to meet you and why they always need more money. (source: Scamwatch)

Don't Believe all you Read"Is the above poem written from knowledge, anyone could ask. Well not that we're admitting :) the truth that, I have been approached online by a number of very friendly and exotic women who look like supermodels but are desperately lonely and can only find a kind caring man internet. This usually recently deceased person remarkably always has huge amount of money tied up in their estate that their only daughter cannot access without it being claimed and transferred to a third party's bank account.

that's usually where they usually request my kind assistance, And for my help they will capably pay me around a tenth of the fortune. I only need to pay the solicitor's costs and that of transferring the money etc. normally a mere $400 or so. To arrange this all I have to do is email the President of some bank in West Africa etc whose email address contact info they supply.

These women are very friendly and ask all kind of questions about where I live, What motivators me, Sport I carry out etc. And I am so suave and adorable that they love me within the first five minutes of messaging, Promising me anything and planning to meet me so we can spend our lives and the million dollars together (Maybe it's my foreign accent,Nah that can't be it, They not necessarily heard it).

They seem to astonishingly be experts in whatever sport or interest I say I like. as an illustration I told one that I loved football, So she came back telling me that man utd was her favourite team in the FA Cup and all these facts that held no interest for me.

Too Good to Be TrueAbout this time I slip in the fact that although this is all very tempting, I am happily married and not free or pondering about meeting them, But wish them well in their quest for online love or whatever they would like. These girls invariably do have trouble digesting these details however and after asking a few questions about my wife and if I have children, Revert asap back to arranging to meet me, What we can do together etc and how splendid a person I am. yes indeed, What a wonderful person I would be, Willing to cheat on my wife regarding I have only spoken with for five or ten minutes by Instant Message.

By now I have had enough fun stringing this person (Probably West African gentleman posing as a sexy model) the capacity of, i click "stop this user" while not having to hear from them again. At least I wasted some of their time when they could have been scamming someone weaker and gullible.

I am sure many women have experienced similar messages or emails from handsome and suave foreign men spruiking similar lines. I'd have an interest to hear your stories in comments.

I just want to inform you that what I have written here is in no way meant to trivialise the legitimate search for love online, Or belittle those locating it. I know a number of people who have met their life partners online (My loved ones included) and will never be happier. I'd love to be controlled by those stories too.

jon Hansen

4 in the past from Queensland Australia

Thanks for reading this article Geri, And glad you found it engaging. I guess I can't help my online panache :) (Pity it isn't like that in the real world). I know a good number of couples who have met online and are very happy (this includes one of my sons). It can do, But care needs to be exercised. Have a great day.
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