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afrointroductions dating site

fictional website launches dating service

Fleur Macdonald proved how literary sensibilities can make or break a union when she caught a boyfriend reading an inferior edition of Virgil, And promptly dumped him.

In a bid to save _a href= others from the same fate, Macdonald, Co founder of literary review website The Omnivore, Decided to branch out into a dating service that suits couples according to their tastes in books.

If there is now a dating site for every demographic, The Omnivore resulting ups section is definetly aimed at the an urban subgroup who know their Dickens from their Deleuze and like their profile pictures sepia tinged. Curious browsers are invited to email and ask for a date. The site creators then contact the pin up to look for the interest is mutual.

Macdonald, Who set up The Omnivore plus Anna Baddeley in 2008, Said the first date had ended up arranged.

Users pose with a copy of one inside their favourite books: Choices add some highbrow (Homer) to the more simple (abdominal muscles Hungry Caterpillar), And a witty blurb prefaces a number of the profiles: is an accomplished (very nearly) 25 years old librarian from Whitechapel with a penchant for older Hungarian men. Check her out on a date, but don't forget to bring her back on time!

while some of the answers are arguably less cringe inducing than their mainstream online dating equivalents, Others read like submission moves to Private Eye Pseuds Corner.

Meet 30 years old Richard from London, Who when asked which book he will give someone he was trying to impress responds: intending to give Umberto Eco's Foucault Pendulum to a girl who reads Dan Brown novels. It so meta that looking at it, You question how many layers of reality there are across the world, And if they are in fact as layers of narrative or indeed, irony.

Or Jaspreet from Cambridge on was the last book he read: Just finished some of the Rcits en rves of Yves Bonnefoy, The most famous living French poet. though you wouldn know he was if you tried to find his stuff in a bookshop: Most of it hasn been translated into English yet, sorry to say.

Macdonald said she also launched the project to show The Omnivore could do love as well as hate after its Hatchet Job of the Year award for savage book reviews attracted world-wide attention this year gong went to journalist Camilla Long for her take down of Rachel Cusk Aftermath and because literary tastes were often more revealing than generic dating profiles.

She added that media interest in the matchmaking site so far had largely been from the US, And a State side expansion could now be on the cards.

Think that English people can often be a bit afraid of appearing over intellectual. Americans really don have that kind of problem, They love referfing to how clever they are.

for now, The Omnivore pin ups lists only around 20 associates, Most of whom are based in London and work in the news including Nirpal Dhaliwal, the previous Mr Liz Jones. Submissions to become a pin up are still being accepted, But those trying to get dates should perhaps be wary of seeing their meeting turned into a blog post or even a future novel.
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