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Russian wife

I have a who owns a flat, rrs known for a Schengen visa (But has not put on the extender as of yet) _a href= women dating_/a_ And has a mom in Russia. I was told at another message board that on the basis of this, The scope that her application for a TRV would be accepted is below 50%.

Does anyone realize what we can do to bring this above 50%? Now that they've guided a biometrics component, Applying for the TRV involves a flight to Moscow and so it is pricey. It all comes from convincing the immigration officer that the person will:

have sufficient funds to support their visit.

Leave right at the end of their stay.

Things to help funds are bank statements, A letter of job, therefore forth.

Things to guide her leaving at the end of her stay are (just as before) Proof of occupation, a residence, best friends and family (exclusively people she must support), Return air travel, a trip during her stay, and many others.

If she says she staying with you, That can make it a bit trickier, As the officer may think she will be tempted to stay longer and your liaison would be a compelling reason for her not to go home. when they can convince a border officer that they intend to be genuine visitors and leave afterwards, they must be approved. If they can they should be refused.

If 100 people in the same situation with the exact same evidence apply, utilized all get the same outcome (after a little variance to account for different human officers processing them), Whether that yes or no. It not the case that a certain number would reliably get in and another number would not. You not trying to play proportions, You trying to qualify. Whoever filled your head with small amount nonsense did you a real disservice.
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