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russian ladies

Features the Berkeley Daily Planet

WOODBURN An old woman in peasant clothes and a kerchief around her head stands before a Russian church that's topped by gilded cupolas. The scene could be out of a century in a time long ago if it weren't for a Ford pickup parked nearby and a TV antenna sprouting from a house.

however this is "The whole village, A row of houses and churches indeed, this will heart of the Russian Old Believer community in Oregon. It is where 17th century Russian persuits meet rural America.

They follow strict rules from religious books dating back to medieval times in Russia. They can't eat meat on wednesdays or Fridays, They wear peasant style handy apparel with a belt, They can't marry people outside the faith among other limitations.

"We will always be in a hostile society. From day one in the 17th century, Said mother Ambrose, An Old Believer monk and curator of a european museum at the Mount Angel Abby.

most of the 10,000 Old Believers in Oregon are the largest concentration of members living in the country. _a href= chat_/a_ They are managing to have their customs and traditions alive, But not without difficulty. Compromises are necessary.

Many refuse to eat at restaurants because of a religious ban on using the same dishes as heretics. But all drive cars and most presently watch television.

Old Believers have to see or watch 40 religious holidays every year. That makes employment with businesses outside of the faith all but impossible.

About half of the Old Believers are farmers mostly of the occupations that meshes with their lifestyle. But farming becomes harder each year because of match from imported produce.

Many Old Believer families don't even think in education past eighth grade, And send their children into their fields to work or into jobs with friends' and relatives' construction businesses.

On web sites Sunday service inside Pokrov Church, Men in dark robes chanted a deep voiced a capella choir as women crossed themselves and genuflected before icons lighted by candles.

The journey to America for many residents in the village began in northern Turkey, Where an Old Believer community had fled to escape czarist persecution more than 200 rice.

That group decided to relocate to Oregon because numerous marriageable young people had fallen to a low level that could no longer sustain the community, to be able to accounts in the village. A mere 42 families always been.

They came to Oregon through the involvement of then Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy by using 1963. They joined two other Old Believer groups that had migrated to the united states by way of Manchuria, Hong Kong and Brazil after Russia's 1917 wave. Eight day old infants are dressed in an padded shirt, or maybe a rubashka, A diy belt called a poyas, And a mix. They are expected to wear the same thing for the rest of their lives.

Mara Cherepanov, 17, A senior at Woodburn school, Admitted she sometimes eyes with envy other girls' pre-made clothes.

the thing is not purchasing clothes, She discussed. fifty that Gucci or Gap don't make lines for teen agers that meet Old Believer standards.

A decorate, or maybe a platya, Must be tied even though belt. It must be flowing other than shear and extend to the ankles.

"Ten or 15 years ago people were more concerned with the outside. Now you hear less about the outside" Because Old Believers are more and more a part of it, She proclaimed.

Old Believer rules forbid eating off hassle,unchanged dish as someone who's not of the faith. Many _a href= dating ukraine_/a_ keep special dishes in their houses for non Old Believer guests should they come to dinner.

The only bars Seleznev frequents are fast food joints where meals come in disposable plastic and paper containers.

Some Old Believers rationalize they can "Use the drive thru because nobody has touched the bathroom. everything is throw away. I see the best way to doing that, She said.
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