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Chinese parliament approves marked by controversy Hong Kong security law

Delegates of China's National People's Congress broke out into applause in Beijing's Great Hall of the People after voting through a draft decision that gives you an opportunity for sweeping anti sedition laws to be directly enacted in Hong Kong.The procedures, Aimed at stamping out _a href= dating_/a_ protests that have racked the city in the past year, will be ban "Any acts or lifestyle" That endanger China's national safe practices, such separatism, Subversion and terrorism charges often used in mainland China to silence dissidents and other political opponents.The regulations would also allow "National computer security agencies" often times Chinese security forces to operate in the city.The decision had been widely expected to pass through parliament, Which meets annually to pass already approved measures. Detailed legislation will now be drafted and could be enacted over the following few months.The move has been condemned and prompted anxiety inside and outside Hong Kong, Where residents have chafed under China's shrinking hold for years,It is going to be start of a new but sad chapter for Hong Kong, assumed the pro democracy legislator Claudia Mo. On friday, Riot police were deployed after at least 360 people were arrested the day before in demonstrations against Beijing's plans.forward LIHKG, A forum favored by protesters, Users considered necessary a "Hundred day confrontation" To reap some benefits from their last opportunity to protest before the laws come into force. "Say no to asia, One put up,As a Hong Konger there is not much we can do except to prove to the world we are still fighting for our rights and freedom, Said serene Chow, 22, Who has been part of the demos since last year.Chinese and Hong Kong authorities have promised the laws will target only a "Narrow pair acts" And say almost all Hong Kong residents will not be affected.But critics say the laws will be used not necessarily just against protesters, But to undermine always the city's autonomy under the "One kingdom, Two equipment" Framework and the city's de facto metabolic rate, known as the basic law.An attempt by the Hong Kong government to pass similar legislation in 2003 was abandoned after mass protests. this time, The laws will be enacted through a provision that bypasses Hong Kong's legislature and consequently public debate and consultation. Legal experts have described the as unconstitutional but say little can be done,The Chinese communist party is imposing a draconian law which is available to silence dissent in Hong Kong and infringe on freedoms" reported Frances Eve, Deputy director of search at Chinese Human Rights Defenders, A coalition of human the law NGOs.The legal procedure, and that bans all "courses of foreign forces" Interfering in Hong Kong extramarital affairs, Has added to diplomatic stresses for Beijing, Which is already facing world scrutiny over the coronavirus pandemic.In a joint assertion, australia, the us, The UK as well as the US said: "China's decision to impose the new national security law on Hong Kong lies in direct conflict with its point obligations, They called on Beijing to partner with the Hong Kong government and people to find a "Mutually acceptable rooms,China's foreign ministry office in Hong Kong referred to as US statement "utterly imperious, not reasonable and shameless" And decreed America to "at once stop meddling,EU foreign ministers will meet on Friday over video link to talk about the Hong Kong crisis,philip Patten, the next British governor of Hong Kong, Said he hoped the UK would work with its allies to endure Beijing. "I think we need to wake up to the fact that this is a new Chinese regime and it's a different sort of aggressive communism and it needs to be defended against, he was quoted saying.
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