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Trend of girls chasing younger men is a myth

Madonna and Demi Moore may be fuelling talk of a thriving trend for older women on the prowl for younger men, But a study on Wednesday said the means of the is a myth, Confined to everything about celebrities.

The study of international dating, By the as well as college of Wales Institute, Cardiff (UWIC), Found men and women are still rather traditional as for searching for their ideal partners.

The discoveries, written and published in the journal Evolution and Human Behaviour, Disputes the phenomenon popularised in TV shows and films like Cougar Town starring Courteney Cox and Sex and the City of women aged over 40 seeking Psychologist Dr Michael Dunn of UWIC Cardiff School of Health Sciences led the study which involved analysing the age preferences of 22,000 men and women using online dating services across 14 countries and two religious groups.

"A critically important consideration for advertisers on online dating sites appears to be the age of a potential partner, Dunn said in an argument.

He said it was a commonly held assumption that with the advent of female financial flexibility, Women were now free to target men of all ages group, As gaining debt relief security from older, Wealthier males was no longer a priority.

"The transference of female desire from quite _a href= older men to relatively younger men, wedding and reception argued, Is reflected by the growth of the toy boy phenomenon.

"success of our research challenge these assumptions. nevertheless, there was some cultural variation in extremes, success showed clearly that women across all age groups and cultures targeted men either their own age or older, Dunn agreed.

He also said a strikingly different pattern of age predilections was evident in men.

Younger adult men, ancient 20 to 25, Either targeted women their own age or somewhat younger.

But as men aged, They clearly expressed a preference for women considerably younger than themselves, With this pattern also being cross culturally normal.

"these findings are clearly supportive of evolutionary theory, Dunn added said. "A wide selection of evidence has shown that women, While bearing in mind a potential long term partner, really fixate more _as_compared with men] On cues indicative of wealth and status and these logically accumulate with age.

"Males conversely focus more intently on physical good looks cues and these are clearly correlated with the years of maximum fertility,

A UWIC unleash stated, "Madonna and Demi Moore are said to be influencing a whole new generation of women who see much younger men as their goal when shopping for a long term partner.

"But this notion of the phenomenon is dispelled as a myth which only exists in the field of celebrities rather than reflecting real life,

The countries mixed up in survey were Australia, brazilian, great britain, north america, asia, greece, belgium, indonesia, asia, south africa, mexico, paris, South cameras and Ukraine.
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