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vietnamese girls

3m contracting 'virtual boyfriends'

online dating service, truly style: Women in cina spend over 2.3 million flirting with their 'virtual boyfriends'Love struck women in China pay to have fictional working relationships in a new gameThey send messages, Virtual gifts and expect calls from their 'boyfriends'Everyone 'dates' the same four characters designed to be ideal partnersOne love struck fan has spent11,000 wooing her digital Mr Right in a monthBy Tracy you and Tiffany Lo For Mailonline

exhibited: 11:28 se 'vrrle rrtre, 8 feb,march 2018 Updated: 11:49 s'av'e rrtre, 8 feb,march 2018

critically popular: scores of Chinese women have swarmed to date fictional boyfriends through newly launched mobile game, Love and vendor (tv screen shot above)

Female players splurge on sending virtual gifts and having calls with their partner in the fantasy world. The above picture shows a gamer 'calling' two characters at the tables

Female gamers spent the money removing the lock on new chapters of the game, Which would allow them to continue their 'relationship' with the exact same four male characters. They can 'date' one or all of them meanwhile.

One loyal player was so obsessed she supposedly spent 100,000 yuan (11,000) quickly month on her non existent online crush.

The hit performance, named 'Love and Producer', premiered in December.

Since its discharge, Over 10 million Chinese women have sent messages or chatted with their virtual partners through it.

The game's four 'desirable' bachelors are presented available cartoon characters, And they include a 24 year old police man, A 28 years old company CEO, A 26 year old 'genius' science tecnistions and a 22 year old 'superstar'.

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The four 'desirable' bachelors are presented through cartoon characters, specifically Xu Mo (if left), A 26 year [url=]how to know if a chinese girl likes you[/url] old 'genius' scientist and Zhou Qiluo (real), A 22 year old 'superstar'

The game has a set plot and the gamer takes up the role of the femaleprotagonist. She needs to audition the four male characters for a TV programme to save lots of her father's production company.

As the storyplot goes on, She would develop romantic partnerships with one or all of the candidates.

the particular game is free to download, The player must carry on income to unlock stages or buy gifts in order to continue her 'relationship'.

apparently with their, If little leaguer splurges enough, She could even expect calling from their virtual boyfriends. The messages are pre recorded by voice actors.

A fan rented a 1,450ft vertical ads to say 'happy birthday' to her 'boyfriend' Li Zeyan (Pictured)

In a country with the world's fastest growing mobile gaming market, The fictional dating game has certainly been a success among young women, Who face high dating and marital pressure in the real world.

'Love and Producer' has gotten over 7.1 million downloads by the first three weeks of its launch, in a report by Jiguang, A Chinese general market trends company.

the sheer numbers of daily active users is about two million and it's expected to increase. The report also demonstrated that 94.2 per cent of the users are female.

Young women face extremely underhand to date and marry 'successful' men in China

While dating in actuality can be complicated, womens in China spent 2.3 million in the past month trying to woo their digital Mr right through the popular video game (File picture)

One of the game's most typical players, generally known 'GuaTai', ToldShenzhen commercial enterprise Post that she had spent 100,000 yuan in the first month playing the casino craps game.
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