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The 'Chinese Schindler' who salvaged thousands of Jews

Follow CNNStory highlightsHo Feng Shan was the consul general in Vienna for the Nationalist Chinese fed from 1938 to 1940He rescued tens of thousands of Jews by issuing visas to ShanghaiHowever, His heroic acts only arrived at light after his deathHong Kong (cnn)When Ho Feng Shan died at age of 96, He took a hidden-secret to his grave. a common clue was a single sentence in his obituary in 1997.up and down his long life, Ho never mentioned his heroic deeds during battle II not to his wife, His young kids or friends.during 1938 to 1940, Ho, The consul general of the then Nationalist Chinese united state's consulate in Vienna, Saved perhaps tens of thousands of Jews within Holocaust with just a stroke of his pen.But good serial number of one visa nearing 4,000, the superior estimate is that thousands of visas were Voices of AuschwitzHo has been hailed as "The oriental Schindler, honoring the industrialist Oskar Schindler who saved 1,200 Jews by using them in his factory located in Poland,Nowadays most people believe that he saved more than 5,000 lives during the time, documented _a href= to tell if a chinese woman likes you_/a_ Xu Xin, A professor and a leading expert on Jewish studies at Nanjing as well as college,more, Ho was probably the first diplomat to really take action to save the Jews,Ho was an unassuming man who grew up poor and fatherless in China, And rose as being a diplomat. Since Ho rarely use spoke of the events in Vienna, The public knew little of his participation while he was alive.His story came to light accidentally, When his daughter a reporter the moment wrote his obituary, In which she included a tale of him confronting the Gestapo at gunpoint to save his Jewish friends the only wartime tale he ever told her.A curator of an display about diplomat rescuers picked up the obituary and contacted Manli. This made her curious and prompted her to retrace her father's footsteps.concerned with April 21, 2015, A plaque was unveiled at the site of the former Nationalist Chinese embassy in Vienna to remember Ho's actions.
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