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It been a week due to the my last post and, believe me, I already forgot crafting. Will try not to disappoint you though.

so very, A friend came up to me and said: you are interested in an international couple to write about, i realize one, there does exist my roommate was like waaaaaaaaait a second. First I have to run out of my own roommates to pick out.

As most likely noticed, I like to communicate a lot off the topic; But now it about time to turn all the interest to my next couple with a relatively young relationship (Comparing to the guests of my previous posts).

ould - Ermakova (russian federation) or Sasho Mladenov (getaway) Met in the start of the summer of 2014 while on work and travel program in Talkeetna, AK, australia.

the sport was ultimately a second year in Alaskafor Anna (Remember packing when going there somebody in charge of? I bet she just suggestion: Jesus perusing this) And first year suitable for Sasho. They both worked in any similar hotel, Talkeetna Alaskan motel:

Came as an inspector anf the was a housekeeper, So practically I was his boss. Started dating about two weeks after they met and by now they been together in excess of four months.

(that brings to mind, Not sure if I am supposed to be telling this, But this is Anna longest matrimony so far! She tends to easily get annoyed by people if she spends too much effort with them on whichI thought it high time I moved out :debbie)

Picture utilized Alaska, states. From their individual archive

During the relationship, Anna was pretty tough on Bulgarian guys and stereotypes about them. She explained that she is with Sasho as they is not like them:

I would not have a Bulgarian guy as a boyfriend They are actually self centered and sometimes arrogant And he is not like that. The stereotype that I heard from Bulgarian girls here is that it vital for a girl to have a boyfriend, And if she doesn then it means you will discover something wrong with her And for a guy, It actually cool not to have a girlfriend because you more independent I guess guess what happens I MEAN

Anna doesn notice this trend to be a thing in Russia. When I asked her about some stereotypes about european girls, She remembered my purpose of a Russian, Which perfectly fit Kate from one of these posts. Even though both me and Anna lived and also Kate for some time, We didn catch this complex thing from her.

Sasho seems that Anna is neither tough, Nor chilly air, But I think people in Alaska and Wisconsin have different meanings for this word because I was a bit confused when she told me this at first :ve had)

As _a href= I notice, she will be jane is NOT FROMSIBERIA

Picture taken in Alaska, american. From possess archive

Anna and Sasho do not feel language or cultural challenges. When I asked her think of something she finds challenging, your ex joked: Like red and green peppers, And I don is the first food difficult task I met so far, woohoo.

Anna mentions distance being a bit of an effort, Food and those little things coming more from different individuality rather than nations. The biggest advantage of world-wide dating, In her opinion, Is be able to share cultures and show your countries to each other. The biggest downside varies mentality. As long as mentality is close or similar, It is easier to make a global relationship work out. actually, It all relies on this:

Doesn matter what nationality is your boyfriend/girlfriend provided that you are happy with them. I would like to end on could be quote. And I would like to go to sleep now enduring a cuteness (Cheesiness?) excess.

in a month's time I promise a sweet midterm post, In which you'll meet my previous guests one more time. there will also be a video, certainly, And a sneak peak intothe following and the most thanks story.
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