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associated with time will it take to get over divorce

A spokesman for the site said: 'Divorce is tough for everyone involved and it does take loads of time before you feel ready to move on.

'The research done says it takes over 17 months to get over divorce once it's finalised, But it's remember this that people are often separated for a long time before this, So it could feasibly take years for the dust to settle after a split.or,--

The survey also revealed startling variations in divorcees' reactions to the news their marriage is officially finished.

Although 43 per cent felt allayed when their decree nisi came through, 31 per cent were sad that it was over. Another 16 per cent even said they felt troubled. the good thing is, It seems such feelings don't are ever.


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While it might be typically nearly 18 months before divorcees are totally content, They start sensations better about their life after 16 months and 11 days.

This could be down to meeting that special someone as Britons typically start dating again 15 months and 26 days after a divorce.

Arranging a meeting through friends is the most common way of finding a date (58 percent), Followed by online dating services (28 percent).

a few in five has also attended a singles night, Although 36 per cent think the fact they are divorced ends up putting potential partners off.

Some 49 per cent of divorcees would rather meet anyone who has had a similar experience.

'It's also going to greatly depend on which party wanted the divorce in the beginning.

'Initially it seems like you won't ever move on and seeing other people is the last thing on your mind, But slowly you realise there is life after divorce and it's perfectly feasibly to be happy again.

'Many people reach a certain age where they don't necessarily want to go at the dance club to meet people or don't mix in circles where there is opportunity to start dating.or,--.
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