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Video editor: Ashutosh Bharadwaj

PM Narendra Modi kickstarted his second innings in could quite possibly 2019. The following events unfolded within several months:

31 July 2019: Triple Talaq Bill passed in both Houses5 August 2019: Article 370 abrogated in Jammu Kashmir9 nov 2019: SC verdict on Ram Janmabhoomi Babri Masjid disputeBabri Masjid case was probably a SC's verdict but it was BJP's promise being fulfilled. All these decisions have another thing in common Muslims. of the Modi 2.0 government is critical of the Muslim community and it has been very much visible during the Delhi election campaign and later when the Muslims were targeted the foremost problems Tablighi Jamaat incident. Muslims started being often called 'corona'.

Fake news against Muslims happen to be a common norm and during the CAA protests, Faiz Ahmed Faiz's poems too were being internet.

,2019 election was fought based on Hindu Muslim agenda and we were made to believe that if BJP does not come to power, Then Hindus are vulnerable. which had BJP not come to power, Muslims would repress all Hindus. Voting for Congress was compared to voting for Pakistan. national agenda was clear as day when Amit Shah was appointed as the home minister, Shahid Siddiqui, several Rajya Sabha MP

Shah has been around form right from day one. Triple Talaq Bill and abrogation of Article 370 played a vital role in all this and then questions were raised over the government's intentions after the abrogation of Article 370.

,Centre's special powers were chosen for the way it (Abrogation) Was put into practice. This was not a reduction in special powers of the Kashmiris. We marked down our power. Our global image is being inhibited. Our democracy is being asked. After the overall lockdown, We don't wish to pay provide them 4G connections. Post written piece 370, the basic rights and freedom have reduced, Faizan Mustafa, Constitition Law medical specialist

keep away from 2019, Protests were held against CAA around the world. Slogans of 'Kagaz Nahi Dikhayenge' were popular and CAA became a part of BJP's long politics planning. BJP will exploit that, Torturing Muslims anywhere may have been normalised, He has. BJP lost the Delhi elections and then the Hindu Muslim riots passed off _a href= European Women_/a_ in Delhi on 24 February 2020. eventually, a few people like Safoora Zargar, Meeran Haidar, Sharjeel Imam, Masrat Zahra were arrested under Unlawful Activities prevention Act (UAPA) between the coronavirus lockdown.

relating to 23 April 2020, 101 former bureaucrats wrote a wide open letter to all state chief ministers, thinking the anti Muslim take. some of those who wrote to the CMs were:

KM ChandrasekharAS DuggalJulio RibeiroWajahat HabibullahNajeeb JungSY QuraishiWhy has BJP not limited anti Muslim agendas despite losing state elections?

There has been no development in the country, The economy is in a terrible state but BJP has convinced the country's majority that they are safe from the Muslim community in britain.

Modi 2.0, the particular first year, ended up being like a green zone for anti Muslims. Communal harmony has gone down the political drain and those vocal about Hinduism get to lead the country. On the issue of media reports of a rift between alliance partners and the rumours being distributed about the political crisis, Maharashtra Speaker and our lawmakers leader Nana Patole said, "Whatever is being said on television over Maharashtra political situation, virtually any such situation in the state.
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