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Top 10 Vietnam movie channels

10. Born about the Fourth of July

This was Ron Kovic's true story of his battle during and adopting the events of the Vietnam war. His suffer from love and the loss of his legs plague him to no end as he journeys to the ends of the earth and can still find no salvation. Tom Cruise plays a convincing heroic icon at the start of what hopes to be a triumphant battle against evil and what inevitably proves to have been a meaningless fight against a faceless enemy.

distressing and depressing, Coming Home details the unfortunate realities that surround a break up when a husband goes off to war while his wife stays back at home, hoping for comfort and intimacy. all the while Bruce Dern plays, more or less the antagonist of the movie, He is the center of the mania that arises and symbolizes our desperate plight. Dern comes back from Vietnam with tragedy and horror in his memory only to arrive home with the soon to be knowledge that his wife played by Jane Fonda has fallen great man who ironically has also come back from the war who has lost the use of his legs. The movie points out our flaws as a society that wants to spread peace while by accident spreading hopelessness and sin.

Oliver Stone's interpretive piece of the Vietnam war over the eyes of the South Vietnamese people. doing this along with Casualties of war is very hard to take for those with weak stomachs and/or hate of violence to women. The rape scenes are graphic and nerve-wrangling, But _a href= can you tell if a woman likes you_/a_ I feel it's an important film to see to discover the full effect of the Vietnam War; To see the influence of the north Vietcong violence on these innocent lives. Our guidance in the war was certainly what we Americans remember, But in researching history, it is usually good to get the full story, And if you study history by watching movies instead of reading a friggin book, Heaven and Earth is as good a start as any for the Vietnam War.

This is a classic in the Vietnam Movie selection and it's been regarded by many to be the single most real in it's class. The name Hamburger Hill comes from the idea that the gun fire that our troops took from the relentless Vietcong, Shredded us into gobs of red burger meat. This film featured a day in hell for our 3rd Battalion and other brave American soldiers that died in a war that many people agree don't want to have been fought.

As you can view from my top 10 movies of All Time, Forrest Gump went to number 5 of my all time favorites list, And yes on this list while I'd love to judge all these movies simply by the one in total I liked the best, I judge them a hint of opinion and a slathering of logic. Forrest Gump had only a section of the film aimed at the war in South East Asia, And crucial I cannot put it in the top 5. Forrest says hello and goodbye to his best friend Bubba in this sequence, "at that time by that river in Vietnam, His love for his friend would cause a chain reaction for every other good thing in his life to come. Vietnam was mentioned in great detail in the short sequence of this movie, From the description of all the purchasing rain it endured, To the fact that we blew holes in the ground to find our enemies and even to the extent of explaining how everything in this country let us know this was a different country, All except you have to the beer and the Barbecue.

seo 5 Vietnam movies, And other articles such as the Best Road Movies and Nerd Movies are are just some of soon to be long list of Top 10 Movies. tips for more Top 10 Lists are also encouraged.
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