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A headhunter for the guts

Krystal Walter decided to start her own matchmaking business after discovering a void to the market and in the hearts of Albertans.

"I wanted to do better than what is obtainable, wally said. "From my own knowledge, There has become a need for it,

wally, 31, Spent years using online dating sites and paid an expensive and unsuccessful visit to a local matchmaker, causing a date with a doctor who she said she later discovered had a suspended medical licence.

Based on her dating experiences and the stories about failures she heard from other singles, Walter was inspired to start her own Edmonton based internet dating company.

Krystal Walter specialist Matchmaking launched in September 2012 and started matching couples in January.

market has "erupted, walter said, with more than 250 singles signed up in Calgary and Edmonton. She has hired three part time employees to keep up with demand while she balances her new business with a job in industrial real estate and the raising of her six year old son.

dating packages range in price, With different alternatives for men and women. Most women pay about $200 to $400 to get in on a database while men pay $500 to $5,000 for Walter to if you ask me match them. women and men can choose either option and Walter does have a few female clients who pay more for extensive matching services.

Walter said persistent matchmaker offers a level of security and personal attention missing from online dating and other matchmaking businesses in Edmonton, which are generally branches of bigger companies. Every client meets face to face with Walter for a two hour interview and completes a criminal record check.

"however, Matchmakers will tell you the demand for their services has increased because of nice of online dating, Said maria Avgitidis, Co founder of the Matchmakers alliance, A non profit American organization for authorities in the dating industry to connect. in addition Ontario. There is no similar Canadian team.

"Lots of clients want their safety and privacy respected and would prefer to have someone else do the vetting for them, Avgitidis these.

Elizabeth MacInnis operated an independent matchmaking business in Edmonton for six years and said clients, this is especially true women, found a "Safe replacement" To online dating sites. MacInnis charged happy clientele $2,500 on to $10,000 and on the had more than 1,000 clients listed in Calgary and Edmonton.

She sold her commercial last May, In part because she said she couldn't stay informed about demand.

"the business enterprise grew too fast. I always wanted to keep it boutique, had to talk about MacInnis, Who now works for a recruiting company.

"People look at you _a href= as somebody who is going to save their love life. very I grew, The harder it was to consumer debt that,

searching love still leads many online, With a 2011 Leger Marketing survey reporting one quarter of Canadians have taken part in internet dating.

"It's becoming a many more viable and accepted way of meeting, Said amanda-m Van Oort, A 25 year old living in Edmonton carry on five couples who met online, such as two couples who are now married.

But Van Oort describes her own experiences with online dating sites as "Overwhelming and long-drawn-out,

"It meant a barrage of individuals in your email everyday, says Van Oort, Who paid $35 a month to enroll with eHarmony.

There are a few reasons why people are likely to spend money to find a mate, Said university or college of Alberta assistant professor Matthew Johnson, Who studies romantic working relationships.

"Seeking out a romantic partner is scary and you open yourself up for the chance of rejection. I think having a professional service to help you lowers the risks that comes with finding the partner, johnson said.

Whether it's through a video display or a matchmaker, experienced services can provide more of a buffer, manley said.

Efficiency is actually factor.

"The way these services are advertised, needs to be a very efficient way of finding a partner. Whereas if you do it the long-established way, You have less of a guarantee that it should work out, johnson said.

If the last few months are any indication, Walter's company makes a convincing business case for an old school matchmaker.

Her initial strategic plan estimated the company would be worth $75,000 after the year, But if business persists at its current rate, Walter needs that number to be above $350,000.

Walter advertises her business through a website, social networks page, Twitter account and though referral, And hears from about five people a day concerned with her services.

Once clients enrol, It takes varying from one to 14 weeks for Walter to match them, while most clients wait about a month.

Clients come from lots of careers, Range in age from mid 20s to late 50s and are an almost even split of regular people, walt said.
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