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How women brutally miss male suitors on China's top dating show

On an ordinary American dating show, The Bachelorette will act in awe of her suitor though she is clearly out of his league. She will at least pretend be nice to a man even if his job title is definitely 'hipster.'

Women on Chinese dating shows are increased critical.

crazy: Women on If you're One are honest with their male suitors

Savage: The women on the show are renowned for their hilarious insults about men's looks

Many women in China would choose to be single rather than marry a man they deem unworthy

If You Are The One is hosted by the incredibly well-liked Meng Fei whose job is to introduce a single man to the 24 single female contestants.

The six yr old show, Which broadcasts every Saturday night and lasts an hour and a half, Starts with an introductory video about the man and then the women decide if they would go on a date with him. It's understood that it has led to a few marriages and many and family relationships.

But having date is not so easy. Women will insult most things about a man including the colour of his trousers and his boring personality.

Female guests have been seen making statements such as: 'I find hardly anything in you that impresses me', 'I think I might be as cool as you'or 'sorry, You seem like an alien to me'.

One experience, A man made: 'Can you let down your dignity and self-belief and accept me?'


Young but durable: Nine year old girl becomes the pillar of. Blink and you will then miss it! significant video shows a 984ft long. Now Aldi biscuits have been bought up by Chinese shoppers.

for lots of Chinese women, the answer to that question is a firm 'no'.

While it's hilarious to watch the men awkwardly squirm as women point out their insecurities, The TV show highlights the high standards of Chinese women in the field of choosing a partner.

Dating in China is complicated with the combination of a low male to female ratio with the pressure on women to marry up.

It's easy argue that Chinese women have higher standards than women in the western world.

The dating show If you're One highlights dating standards imposed upon Chinese _a href= for chinese girlfriend_/a_ men

noncitizen: Men have to be attracting get women's attention on this Chinese dating show

depressed men: In china, 94 percent of all unmarried people age 28 49 are men

Materialistic standards for Chinese dating are prevalent in the dating show If you're the One

One contestant on If you're One notoriously said: 'I would rather cry at the rear of a BMW than laugh on your bicycle.or,--

This comment sparked an online debate on set up women on the show were too picky when it comes to a man's wealth.

Many Chinese parents pressure their daughters to start a family.

earlier this year a video by a skincare company circulated that showed the cruel things Chinese mothers have said to their 'leftover' daughters, Or ladies who did not marry by their mid 20s.

The term 'sheng nv' or 'leftover women' was popularised by theAll China Women's Federation which is a state sponsored business.

Not shocked: There 33 million more Chinese men than women because of gender preferences and the one child policy but many women are choosing not to marry

Lamp content: The contestants on If you're One are harsh towards men's appearances

Every weekend at Shanghai's folk's Park, Concerned parents put out advertisements for their children to find a spouse at an unofficial marriage market.
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