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Jury is in Rafferty trial

paris, france, Ont. After a long and on an emotional level wrenching trial, The fate of accused child murderer Michael Rafferty is with the jury hands.

"You can only imagine how any of us would be feeling in his instance, Rafferty lawyer Dirk Derstine said _a href= of fish login_/a_ outside of court. "nearly, the holistic parts of his life is before him right now,

It marks the beginning of the final chapter in the 10 week trial of Rafferty, accused of first degree murder, Kidnapping and sexual assault causing bodily harm in the April 2009 disappearance and death of eight yr old Tori Stafford of Woodstock, Ont.

"No jury will be in a better position to make up your mind than you are right now, The court said,

Heeney gave the court three "Decision trees visual guides to the choices need to be make to reach verdicts on the charges facing Rafferty.

Rafferty, 31 has pleaded not liable to all charges against him involving Tori, Who vanished on her way home from soccer practice.

Rafferty former fiancee, Terri Lynne McClintic, 21, Pleaded guilty to first degree murder in the Tori death and is serving a life phrase.

Heeney said the jury should find Rafferty guilty on condition that they decide, Beyond a doubt, That he murdered Tori or he "made it simpler for and abetted" In the impacting.

If they can decide whether or not the killing was "Planned or talk, building it a first degree murder, The judge said they have alternative.

The Criminal Code also offers a "constructive" First degree murder assurance, If the victim is killed on a kidnapping or sexual assault.

Heeney cautioned the crimes must be section of the same series of events.

He also told jurors an announcement McClintic gave to police on May 24, 2009, may very well be as evidence.

In that declaration, McClintic said Rafferty dealt the hammer blows and kicks that mortally wounded Tori.

She later changed her story and testified at Rafferty trial that she killed Tori, Explaining she couldn accept for long periods that she was the murderer.

The Crown contended she changed her story to avoid needing to testify at Rafferty trial.

Heeney said the jury can decide which version is true.

He also noted evidence that Rafferty had a number of girlfriends he met on online dating services, Warning jurors not to assume Rafferty is guilty thanks to overall bad character.
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