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'I was taken care of like a paedophile'

A think tank has suggested that relationships between adults _a href= girl in spanish_/a_ and children are being poisoned by an increase in child protection measures.

Others argue that the rules protect children from abuse the house says that more than 20,000 unsuitable people were weeded out by criminal history records Bureau (CRB) Checks in earlier times year alone.

An illustration of the difficult balancing act that must be struck between these opposing views is provided by the experiences of one man, Who volunteered to work as a mentor to infants in an Essex primary school.

the institution denies it made Stuart feel unwelcome. It says its child protection rules are designed to protect both children and the adults who work with them.

claimed Stuart: "Someone visited my office to talk about mentoring children in a nearby school and I decided to give it a go.

"I was going to give something back, To help children and I also thought it might look nice on my CV. thus volunteered,

Stuart had a CRB check for any criminal background. Nothing was discovered.

he was quoted saying: "My job was to talk with _a href= spanish women_/a_ kids who might be at risk or have troubles at home.

"I was purported to gain their trust and act as a role model. If I thought the child might be struggling I could offer advice,nonetheless, these Stuart, He encountered what he says was a "suspect" Attitude from staff at the college.

"When I started I was told that wherever I was with children, I had to sit in full view of another employee at all times.

"I also wasn't permitted to go and pick up any children from the classroom for the mentoring sessions. I was told I had to wait in the school library so that they can be brought to me,

appropriate after seven weeks, Stuart available St Osyth. he said: "I had been fully checked out but the school still made me feel like I was a potential paedophile. But head teacher Tim Palmer said Stuart was asked to comply with "Standard child insurance plan protocols,

"What we ask is that anyone addressing children do so in a public space not squirreled away in some corner somewhere.

"through the the protection both of the volunteer mentor, And the,

no matter the rights and wrongs of Stuart's experiences, His feeling is not unique.

His report argues that your "procedure police vetting of adults" Fuels mutual accusations and transmits negative signals to children.

virtually controversially, Says teacher Furedi, An over reliance upon CRB and other official child protection measures actually puts the safety of children at risk.
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