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Any advice for black people surfin Beijing

Hi Birdy as well Wawa. You are both right in that in looking different you will stand out particularly if visit places that don see many western visitors or have foreign residents. I am vivid white, Blonde and have lived in north east China for five years, constantly in the same city. I have travelled thoroughly [url=]date chinese women[/url] and stll get stared at in my town. You have to understand that the counrty was closed for a long time and the sighting of a (Waigouren, Laowai) for a couple of, Is a new know-how. Just enjoy some time here, Behave fittingly, As you would visiting any foreign country and be well intentioned of local customs and practices.

Birdyslu, Let me address it from very good angle, Which I feel is the central when you travel through foreign countries. I don know which country you come from but there still are neighborhoods in the US where a black person will not feel safe. Having traveled to China and walking through various areas, following taxis, public transit including buses, We never felt confronted. As a point in fact, I felt a lot safer than in the main cities in US and Western Europe. choosing two other countires I felt safer were Singapore and Japan. The Chinese have seen lot more whites than blacks and as a point in fact during our week in China we saw only a couple of blacks and tons of whites. I sure whites or asians traveling through some towns if not countries in Africa get each year the same. and, start out in stride and enjoy your trip. It is a fascinating country which is worth visiting now than one day. I have no doubt that soon all the major cities and people in the world will start looking the same.
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