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is the main predominate religions in Thailand

based on the last census (2000) 94.6% of Thais are Buddhists of the Theravada historic. The southern tip of Thailand is mostly ethnic Malays. christian believers, normally Catholics, symbolise 0.7% of the citizenry. A small but influential community of Sikhs in Thailand and some Hindus also live in the country cities, And are heavily engaged in retail commerce.

There can be another small Jewish community in Thailand, dating back to to the 17th century. contemplating 2001, islamic activists, Generally explained the Thai government as terrorists or separatists, Have rallied against the central government because of alleged corruption and ethnic bias by officials. Thailand division of Religion, Currently plantar too the Ministry of Culture, Is formally regarding the registration of religious groups in Thailand which hold properties _a href= dating_/a_ through legally established foundations. incredible oversight, together with the Immigration Police, Over the process permits of missionaries who are "Expatriate christian workers of all religions.
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