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Electric motorbike gives women in rural Zimbabwe a path out of poverty

courtesy of - MacDonald Dzirutwe

WEDZA, Zimbabwe () In the rural Zimbabwe district of Wedza, A new electric motorcycle is helping bring income to poor women and easing the burden of looking after families.

The women can now carry farm produce to markets further abroad, Offer conveyance services to villagers and use the motorcycle for domestic chores.

margaret Mhuka, A 58 year old mother of six who is leasing the Hamba with her daughter in law and a neighbor, Said the motorcycle had eased the strain of domestic work.

She could now sell her plants at a business centre 15 km away for more money than she would get locally.

"We used to carry firewood on our heads for days distances. But now it's less hard as this motorcycle has taken away that burden, She told after a trip to the city water borehole.

Fadzai Mavhuna, The Hamba pilot adviser since February 2019, Said women paid an same as $15 a month as a group to lease the Hamba, which have a maximum range of 100 km.

It costs during $0.50 and $1 to change the sport bike batteries, which might charged at a solar powered station.

Mobility for Africa is now in the second phase of the pilot project before it can go viable. The Hamba is assembled in Harare with kits made in China and you will be sold for $1,500.

"Some of the women have increased their income because they have embarked on. homemade projects like baking, Tailoring and horticulture, shown Mavhuna.

Pamhidzai Mutunya, A farm health personnel, Said before the arrival of Hamba, Many women gave birth at home whilst others had to walk 12 km to the nearest clinic because there was no transport.

"We now have fewer cases of expectant mothers giving birth at home, The 35 years old mother of three said.

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