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10 specialist Wrestling Gimmicks You Wish You Could Forget

especially if they, the bad, The RidiculousThe world of professional wrestling is like a circus. It is an excellent spectacle filled with colorful characters and vivid story lines. Sure you will not find lions or elephants but I am sure if you look hard enough you will find something you like be it a charismatic good guy or a snake in the grass bad one. Some of these personas are so far ostentatious and in your face they almost don't seem real.

Undertaker, Kane, The coarse. These names rank right up there as tons of characters, Or gimmicks as we will be giving them a call to ever grace a wrestling ring. These gimmicks along with others have helped fuel the fire that is the field of professional wrestling.

The wrestling arena is stuffed with these gimmicks ranging from outlandish to downright mean. Sadly however there is a grim truth that stands in the joy of professional wrestling. For every one amazing gimmick there seem to be five very crappy ones. arriving for every Hulk Hogan or Ultimate Warrior there is five Gobbly Gookers or Repo Men. It's as sad as a Vickie Guerrero traditional Album.

The reality is not every character can shine the main attraction. There are those random odd gimmicks that catch on and have stamina. Golddust is a prime instance of that. Other gimmicks are like guesswork. They may work for a brief phase of time and than fade into wrestling obscurity. It's these strange and unusual gimmicks we will address in this text. These outcast of professional wrestling that we might try to forget but for reasons unknown they are so bad it is impossible to erase them.

Some of these gimmicks tried to capitalize on pop culture homeowners just sampled the flavor of the week. What may be hot today is lukewarm or even cold the next so this was always a hard way to go about producing a gimmick. This is why we occassionally forget less impactful characters played by talented wrestlers. Some seem to be super talented but the gimmick was just not going to work. So for your film pleasure 10 professional wrestling gimmicks you wish you could forget.

10. Aldo MontoyaThis is a prime example of how a great wrestler can go mad a bad gimmick. Peter Joseph Polaco had a perfect misfortune of getting picked to play this very unusual gimmick. in lots of ways this gimmick was a very racially influenced one being that Peter was of Portuguese descent and the gimmick called him to be the Portuguese Man Of War. Yes ladies and gentlemen this gimmick was named after a jellyfish.

His WWE profession would span 3 years from 1994 to 1997. Very little success would come his way and even more disturbing was all the time he was a super talented professional wrestler.

Aldo would eventually gain a number of respect from his peers. In fact he was often considered a member of the legendary locker room group referred to as Kliq. Despite this respect he was never really given much of a chance to climb the corporate ladder of the WWE.

The gimmick was so radical and the costume so odd that both fans and wrestlers alike began to refer to the mask as a jock strap. after a period of pulling jobs (ruin) To wrestlers who were much less talented than he was he finally needed a leave from the WWE. This leave would not be granted and instead he was moved into a developmental promotion in hopes that one day he would return to the big show. In Memphis he continued to be prone to bad gimmick syndrome until he realized just how incredible he could be.

like i said previously bad gimmicks do not mean bad wrestlers. ECW saw the opportunity of a superstar and they could see that Peter was just incredible, So much in fact he became known as Justin Credible and went on to be one of the companies biggest stars. As Justin Credible he buried the discomforting past created by the colorful Aldo Montoya character.

9. The RenegadeI have never been a fan of wrestling helps recycling story lines and I find doing so with gimmicks to be just as appalling. it is no surprise that many amazing gimmicks were spawned during the great Monday Night Wars between rival promotions WCW and WWE. DX, NWO, And the list goes on and on. Again although, Every great gimmick had [url=]hottest Chinese women[/url] some very poor ones before it. WWE had tried to degrade the two wrestlers who left their ranks and headed to WCW.

These two men were Scott Hall and Kevin Nash who during their tenure with WWE were known as Razor Ramone and Diesel. These two would help create the stable known as the NWO and what will probably be biggest competition for the WWE. reacting WWE started to promote the team of New Diesel and New Razor. (with regard to record new Diesel was played by Kane)

WCW would take the concept of recycling a gimmick a bit further and even cross over to flat out stealing one. richard "ron" Wilson been recently an OK wrestler. He was not adequate enough to garter a great deal of main stream attention but he had a look and size that mimicked some of the bigger stars of the 80s. In 1995 he would become the gimmick that could be the most negatively spoken of one in history.

It was more so sad because some of the positively talked about ones brought him in. Hulk Hogan began to speak of the man who does bring Hulkamania into the next century. He called him the greatest surprise and showed silhouettes of a man with long hair, monstrous arms, And streamers bound to his bulging biceps.

Wrestling fans began to assume the ultimate surprise was none other than Jim Helliwig, Who is also known by the name Ultimate Warrior. this tends to really pick things up at WCW. Hype continued to build and fans were ready for the ultimate one to once again run wild with Hogan but when the time come for his WCW debut it was not the Ultimate Warrior they were shown at all.

Hogan introduced the Renegade. this was an almost carbon copy of the Warrior. He wore face paint and other attire and even copied a lot of moves and mannerisms. Fans never really took to the type and a lot of that fell on them because they expected a legend, not really clone.

Renegade did have a TV title reign and had a small fan following but soon the real Warrior would address the type in various wrestling publications. Soon the gimmick became a bad guy one and from there just fizzled until Rick premiered from the WCW. Sadly the major depression caused by this release lead Rick to take his own life.

8. Thurman "Sparky" PluggOnce again I present a wrestler who live through a bad gimmick and went on to a very fruitful career. Robert bill Howard made his WWE debut in 1994 as a NASCAR driver seeking fame and fortune in the squared circle. He wore a very colorful spandex costume that was very harking back to countless failed Spider Man villains. in actual fact billed as Thurman "Sparky" Plugg it was no wonder the smoothness never really took off. He had a few impressive wins and became a running mate with another young talent when i bought it by the bane of 123 Kid. (in the future X Pac)

Despite productive matches and being very sound in the ring the gimmick just failed with fans. NASCAR fans felt it was to silly to watch and play fighting fans could give 2 cents less about NASCAR.

Fans could accept a pro football player turning to a professional wrestling. it takes place a lot. Even a basketball player is believable to some extent but a racecar driver was just not a profession that lent it's talent to the wide world of sports entertainment. Eventually the name Thurman would fade and Bob Sparkplug Holly function is. Still the gimmick failed to gain as follows WWE creative teams felt it should. Bob would lose the spandex for a robe and end up part of the New Midnight Express with Bart Gunn. Of course this these recycling of an old tag team did not gain Mr. Holly any more success than the spandex and references to engine malfunctions did.

In 1999 Holly would team together with his on air cousins Crash and Molly. This union started to see him gaining the momentum WWE had hoped he would have had years prior to the cooperation. from this point on the mat wrestler wearing a checkered flag started to exhibit traits that would eventually earn him a new improved gimmick. after a while Hardcore Holly would arise from the ashes of NASCAR obscurity and recycled tag gimmicks and pave a new road for himself.

Ask any fan who Hardcore Bob Holly is and keywords. He is one of the ring's most beloved stars and possibly just about the most respected wrestlers to his peers.

7. Chainsaw CharlieAgain I feel the need to stress all the time a bad gimmick does not mean a bad wrestler. Chainsaw Charlie made his debut by cutting through a wooden crate to provide assist with Mankind. He wore dingy perspiration, A lumberjack's shirt and a pair of nylons over his face that served little shield the identity of who was actually under the mask. Once the chainsaw wielding madman spoke the world had full confirmation that Chainsaw Charlie was really living legend Terry Funk.

This gimmick was so foolish large amounts fans were confused as to why a legend like Funk, Whose struggling career was as legendary and profound as that of Hulk Hogan, Ric good taste, properly as Mick Foley. Funk had a good name for serious in your face wrestling action and dangerous matches and here he was with pantyhose over his head and a chainsaw in his hands.

Some speculated the actual whole idea was to use horror movie imagery to sell a wrestling gimmick. This stunt had been done before and we will discuss that a little later.

Chainsaw Charlie lasted roughly a year and made no real impact what so ever in the WWE universe. It was more of an annoyance than it was an interesting gimmick.

6. GillbergDuane Gill was no odder to the ring. In fact the man was a rather realized and talented wrestler. inside famed Monday Night Wars between WWE and WCW, WCW fired at WWE with some serious high quality contenders. Scotty Norton, Wraith and associated with the noted of all Bill Goldberg.

Instead of doing the same WWE went distinctive route. They recruiting tiny Duane Gill to become top wrestling parody to date. He would answer the process of Bill Goldberg by becoming Gillberg.

He mimicked every move and mannerism of his large opposite number perfectly. While Bill was burying foes in WCW with spears and his finisher the jackhammer Gill was barely eeking by match after match. He did have some success in the light-weight division capturing gold and keeping it for 15 months.
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